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AfA opposes ‘small animal show’ proposed at Botanical Garden in Japan

Asia for Animals coalition members and supporting organisations have united once more to author a letter opposing a planned “small animal” performance exhibit at a new facility in Japan called Entertainment Botanical Garden, owned by Tokyo’s hugely popular Yomiuri Land.

This issue was brought to our attention by Japan-based activist and campaign group Voice for Zoo Animals. They are seeking the establishment of a Japanese “Zoo Act” and are currently promoting the idea through the sharing information with domestic and international organisations, government and media .

Japan has been harshly criticised in the past by concerned Japanese residents, tourists and animal welfare/wildlife protection organisations throughout the world due to the poor treatment of captive wild animals.

AfA also knows that visitors can fully enjoy Japanese gardens and beautiful flowers and other botanical displays in a facility without having live animals performing shows. Click HERE to read our letter concerning this needless exploitation of animals

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