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Welcome to the Policy Coalition in the Asia for Animals network. As a member-led coalition, we seek to facilitate connections between various policy advocacy initiatives with a common goal of benefiting animals in Asia in particularly and around the world in general. It serves as a place to share information, lessons learnt, and to create and promote campaigns.

Within the coalition,  you will be supported with your projects or initiatives. The coalition helps promote individual or joint efforts of animal-focused policy advocacy or potentially help overcome challenges our members face in relation to animal protection. As a cross-cutting issue, the APC's operation is not limited to any specific policy matters but embraces all issues concerning the protection of the animals' wellbeing. 

While the AfA Policy Coalition does not limit its coverage to any specific policy matters but all in relation to animal welfare, its operation aims to:

  1. Connect policy advocacy initiatives in the region and on the international level for effective policy changes

  2. Gather like-minded people for information sharing, lesson learnt, creation and promotion of concerted policy advocacy for broader impacts

  3. Empower the member organizations in policy advocacy by jointly building and developing necessary knowledge and skills through experience sharings, training courses, or networking activities.

If you would like to join us, please get in touch via our email

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