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Welcome to the Policy Coalition in the Asia for Animals network. Here, you would find connected, supportive, and sharing with other minds of the same perspectives. The coalition members would help promote individual or joint efforts of animal-focused policy advocacy or potentially help overcome challenges facing you in relation to animal protection. And you would feel more powerful along the journey of reaching your goals. If you have a desire to communicate directly with any of our coalition members, you are encouraged to join and utilise our Policy Slack channel or email for relevant exchanges


Unite policy efforts in Asia toward the creation and sustainability of a friendly political space for animal welfare

While the AfA Policy Coalition does not limit its coverage to any specific policy matters but all in relation to animal welfare, its performance aims to:

  1. Connect policy advocacy initiatives including campaigns in the region for animal welfare protection

  2. Gather like-minded people for information sharing, lesson learnt, creation and promotion of concerted policy advocacy for broader impacts

  3. Empower the member organisations in policy advocacy by jointly building and developing necessary knowledge and skills through experience sharings, training courses, or networking activities.

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