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We hold the largest and most progressive animal welfare conference in Asia​ since 2001.

previous conference events:


Praise for our conferences

"Knowledge can be filled with networking: AfA symposium is great place for such networking and to know renowned Animal welfare scientists that have made great impact in ensuring the better life for Animals in Asia "

- Mohamed Ijas, Colombo Municipal Council, Sri Lanka

"The conference highlights the work that still needs to be done, and the success that we have made so far."​

- Maj, Philippine Animal Welfare Society

“Together we are stronger"​

- Aron White, Environmental Investigation Agency

"The Asia for Animals conference is a completely invaluable event, well organised, well executed and provides the animal movement with the energy, education and platform we need to keep working across Asia on animal topics. I would highly recommend attending the next conference!"

- Amy Odene, The Humane League/Open Wing Alliance

"It is wonderful to see groups in Asia passionately working together to help animals. It made me feel that we are not alone. I learned a lot from other groups and activists who work tirelessly in Asia. It is also nice to finally meet activists in person that I have worked with many years. Thank you so much for all involved to make the event successful. "​

- Maho Uehara-Cavalier, The Humane League Japan 

"AfA conference was a very special moment for me -  it's simply because I was surrounded by people with the same compassion and love."

- Anon

"AfA's biennial conference reflects the vitality and promise of organized concern for animals in Asia Pacific nations, and its participants include some of the most accomplished campaigners in the region. For longtime advocates and for new ones, it's a don't-miss experience."

 - Anon

All of our previous conferences:

2001 Manila, Philippines (organiser PAWS)

2003 Hong Kong (organisers Animals Asia & SPCA HK)

2005 Singapore (organiser ACRES)

2007 Chennai, India (organiser Blue Cross of India)

2008 Bali, Indonesia 

2010 Singapore (organiser ACRES)

2011 Chengdu, China (organiser Animals Asia)

2014 Singapore (organiser ACRES)

2015 Borneo (organiser Sarawak SPCA)

2017 Kathmandu, Nepal (organiser JGI Nepal)

2019 Dalian, China (organiser VShine Animal Protection)

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