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We hold the largest and most progressive animal welfare conference in Asia​ since 2001.

Our previous conferences

2021 ~ FIAPO & BCI

2019 ~ VShine Animal Protection

2017 ~ JGI Nepal

2015 ~ Sarawak SPCA

2014 ~ ACRES

2011 ~ Animals Asia Foundation

2010 ~ ACRES

2008 ~ AfA

2007 ~ Blue Cross of India (BCI)

2005 ~ ACRES

2003 ~ Animals Asia Foundation & HK SPCA

2011 ~ PAWS

Conference host organisations:


Asia for Animals Virtual 3D Conference 2021 
For A Better Tomorrow, Together

The pandemic has changed lives and lifestyles, prompting us to unlearn and relearn many aspects of life, including our interactions with each other and other living beings sharing the earth with us.

Despite the challenges COVID-19 has presented us with, we continue to serve as the voice of the voiceless, and are pleased to announce the AfA Conference 2021 on the theme: For A Better Tomorrow, Together, hosted by FIAPO and BCI. visit the page here


Using Laws Creatively to Protect Nonhuman Animals

Animal cruelty should be confronted by all means, particularly through laws - laws that address animal cruelty directly and laws that do not seem related. visit page here


Changing Human Behaviour

Most animal suffering is caused by humans doing, or not doing, something. The way we treat animals, the products we buy and the entertainment we seek can all cause suffering. To help animals, we must change the hearts and minds of humans. But changing human behaviour is not as simple as telling or showing people that animals suffer. And raising awareness of the needs of animals, through education, will not necessary lead to behaviour change.

visit page here


Partnerships Breed Success

The conference aims to provide a platform for those working on animal welfare and wildlife management in this region to network, exchange  ideas and build lasting collaborations. By sharing experiences, information and technology, delegates are therefore able to develop practical and viable strategies to address the key challenges related to animal welfare and wildlife management particularly in developing countries. visit page here