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Welcome to the Capacity in Animal Protection Coalition (CAPC), a new knowledge-sharing platform for animal protection organizations (APOs) in Asia. We were formed to facilitate the exchange of resources and expertise to help APOs grow their work, and to make it more effective and future-proof. 

Our group of expert capacity builders jointly believes in empowering Asian NGOs to make transformative change for animals, and we share a particular passion for actors in the farmed animal & diet change space. We plan to help them in the following ways:


Browse the slides below to learn how our work can benefit your NGO

Our Program

Before undertaking this program, CAPC carried out research, including a survey of many member organizations of the Asia for Animals network. Browse below to find some of the top-line insights from this study:

Our Insights
Our Resources

Is your NGO part of the Asia for Animals free network? If so, you can book a 30 minute "office hours" appointment with us to briefly discuss your capacity needs and we can do our best to signpost you to the most relevant resources. Click below to book a call. We try to be available on time zones covering west Asia to east Asia as much as we can.

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Below you will find a selection of resources which are centred around general capacity enhancement. However, you can find many more resources specific to a wide variety of areas on the full Asia for Animals resources page.

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