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Capacity in Animal Protection Coalition

Welcome to the Capacity in Animal Protection Coalition (CAPC), a new knowledge-sharing platform for animal protection organizations (APOs) in Asia. We were formed to facilitate the exchange of resources and expertise to help APOs grow their work, and to make it more effective and future-proof.  

Our group of expert capacity builders jointly believes in empowering Asian NGOs to make transformative change for animals, and we share a particular passion for actors in the farmed animal & diet change space. Through CAPC, we plan to help them in the following ways:

  • Using the power of research and existing expertise in capacity building

  • Empowering APOs to maximize their impact for animals

  • Sharing our insights and services with the whole AfA network

Want to know more about joining the AfA Network? 

Capacity In Animal Protection Coalition Members

Financial contributors to this working group:

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