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A united voice for Asia's animals

The Asia for Animals Coalition, or AfA, is a network of hundreds of animal protection organizations working together to improve the wellbeing of animals across Asia and beyond, and to end animal their harmful exploitation and suffering. 

Composed of around 300 organizations around the world

to governments and facilities to improve animal welfare

Online events, webinars, panels and podcasts to share and raise awareness

We support AfA's network organizations' campaigns and activities

7 AfA working groups focusing on key animal-related issues

The largest gathering of animal protection organizations in the world

We bring organizations together to collaborate and network

We raise public awareness on key animal-related issues

AFAD: Annual event to protect farmed animals in the region

Are you an organization working on animal-related issues in Asia? 


Are you an individual wanting to help us end animal exploitation and abuse?

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Who we are

The AfA's Coalition's 26 Core Members are well-known and respected animal protection organizations with a shared vision and goal of improving the welfare of animals in Asia.

AfA's Core Membership is supported by a network of hundreds of other animal advocacy organizations. The AfA Coalition Network is the largest of its kind in the world! 
The AfA Coalition unites its members' voices in appeals to governments and other relevant bodies or facilities opposing animal cruelty across Asia. In addition, AfA facilitates issue-specific working groups and events,  capitalizing on the expertise of its network to mitigate or resolve issues faced by Asia's animals.

The biennial AfA Conference is the largest regular gathering of animal welfare organizations in Asia. Its purpose is to share information, highlight best practices and build strategies to improve the lives for the animals of Asia.

The AfA Coalition's Core Members

Are you interested in becoming an AfA Core Member? Get in touch with us now to know more:

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