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Welcome to the AfA Dog and Cat Coalition


The Dog and Cat Coalition (DACC) was founded in 2023 and is presently in development. DACC will aim to provide a centralized space for dog and cat welfare-related issues in Asia by uniting organizations that work on these issues. DACC was created in response to conversations with many different network members, from grassroots to multinational NGOs regarding the various challenges they work on related to dogs and cats from population control to meat trade to education and public awareness. DACC aims to support these organizations by unifying our voices and acting as a connector to build collaborations to have a wider impact.

DACC will be member-driven, and will work to support its members in several ways. We will provide a platform for networking, hold regular meetings, organize events, and develop valuable resources. DACC’s coordinators will keep abreast of dog- and cat-related news across the region and provide regular updates to members. As with all of AfA’s working groups and with the AfA Network in general, we will encourage members to reach out to the coordinator and to one another for help in meeting challenges and making change.

If you would like to join us, please get in touch via our email DACC's coordinator,  Linh, at

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