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Welcome to the AfA Dog and Cat Coalition


The Asia for Animals Dog and Cat Coalition (DACC) aims to provide a centralized space for dog and cat protection issues in Asia by uniting organizations that work on these issues. DACC was created in response to conversations with many different network members, from grassroots to multinational NGOs regarding the various challenges they face in this area - from population control to meat trade to education and public awareness. DACC aims to support these organizations by unifying their voices and helping to build collaboration so that all of our work can have a stronger, wider impact.DACC is member-driven, and works to support its members in several ways.

  • We promote human behavior change by amplifying sound public messaging & educational materials on TNVR, community animals and population mgt to better protect the dogs and cats of Asia and ensure animal lovers use their efforts more effectively

  • We provide a much-needed centralized space for NGO experts to discuss how to solve key issues faced by dogs and cats in Asia. DACC working group team and members keep each other abreast of key developments and opportunities

  • We help our expert working groups disseminate their experiences and findings by organizing, attending and speaking at events both online and in-person. These opportunities help dog and cat protection NGOs grow and flourish.

  • We provide much-needed support to the cat and dog protection movement for NGOs of all levels around Asia, helping them to overcome strategic or operational challenges

  • We provide a much-needed platform for networking and knowledge exchange for cat and dog protection NGOs of all levels around Asia

  • We develop resources that are indispensable strategic tools for dog and cat protection NGOs in Asia

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