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We are delighted to welcome you to present or moderate at AfA Connect! Our aim with AfA Connect is to bring together animal advocates across Asia, and we thank you for sharing knowledge in your specialist area. Through this connection and sharing, we can unite and upskills be strong voices for animals around Asia.

To get started, please read the details below and make sure you go through all of the required steps.

There are five sections for you to review: 

  1. What to do next (What we require from you - Biography write-up, presentation slide and register for the event)

  2. About presenting at AfA Connect (Key information about AfA Connect)

  3. Joining us at AfA Connect

  4. Promoting your involvement with AfA Connect

  5. Tips for online presentations 


We hope you find this page helpful to get you well-prepared for AfA Connect. Should you have any other concerns that are not mentioned here, feel free to let us know via email at

Sheep Farm

1) What To Do Next

1) What to do next

This section covers what we need from you before the event. We require three things from you :

1) your profile information 

2) to register for the event

3) your presentation. 


We also ask you to double check the time zone, and review all the information on this webpage  so AfA Connect  is easy, and successful for you to be part of.  

1. Your Profile Information

Send the following profile information by April 14, 2024 at the latest to your respective correspondence (CC: 


​If you have spoken at any AfA events before:

Please check our Speaker Lineup databases (profile photo page, 50-word bio page, organization logo page) to see if your photo/ bio, etc. are current correct.  If you would like to correct or update it, please email changes to the address above. ​

​If you have not presented at an AfA event before:

Please email the following information to the addresses above. 

  • Your complete name, pronouns, and name that you prefer to be called (if applicable);

  • Your role/designation in your organization; 

  • The name of the organization you work with/are associated with;

  • A high resolution logo of your organization;

  • A brief profile/bio in English (50 words);

  • A high resolution portrait picture of yourself (color; 300 dpi, jpg format; plain background)

    • Please note- please do not send a picture of yourself with any wild animals as we do not wish to encourage wild animal interactions. 

2. Zoom registration link
  • Please register for the overall event here. This is the same link for all sessions (Day 1 and Day 2).

  • After registering, you’ll receive the meeting link immediately from Zoom. 

3. Your Presentation

Please email us your presentations on the above addresses by May 20, 2024. ​​

​We kindly ask for your presentations as a backup in case there are challenges on the day (speakers in remote areas often have connection issues). If there is an issue, we can remotely change your slides for you.  


  • Please let us know if you are using video or sound. The use of sound and video is welcome, however, we will need to ensure settings are correct when you are presenting (see section 3 for sound and video settings). 

  • File Format: PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva, Google Slide are all okay, in 9:16 formatting.

  • Sharing links during your presentation: AfA staff are able to share links and further information in the chat box at various points throughout your presentation or at the end. This may be about your topic, links to guidelines or to your LinkedIn. AfA staff will at minimum, share a link to your organization for further information. If you have any links or further information you wish to share, please let your session host know. 

4. Check your timezone 
  • We will send you a Google Meeting Invite that can be added to your calendars, which should convert the automatically time for you.

  • However, please double check this is correct. You can use timezone convertors such as timeandtable or Worldtimebuddy.

5. Be prepared for the day of your presentation

Please read over sections 2 and 3 for all the information you need to join and present successfully on the day, section 4 for the promotion of your presentation, and section 5 for tips on presenting at online events. 

Cow Eye

2) About presenting at AfA Connect 

2) Presenting

AfA Connect is about sharing practical tips and tricks, and catalyzing hard conversations in the animal protection movement. Your presentations should have practical elements that attendees can take away and think about or use in their own organizations. We suggest adding a 'key takeaways' slide at the end of your presentation.


  •  AfA Connect will be using Zoom as our event platform. 

  • Please be aware this event will simultaneously be streamed live to Youtube.


​There will be two concurrent sessions on each day. In the email from your session organizer they will explicitly say which session you're in. Please see the event schedule below to check your sessions.

AfA Connect JUNE Schedule.png

Most sessions will follow a similar format: ​​


  • Introduction : 5 minutes for the moderator to introduce the session & the speakers.

  • Presentations: There will be a total of 2-3 speakers for each session (Total 45 minutes time).

  • Q&A/Panel Discussion: 30 minutes. Your session organizer will let you know whether it's a Q&A session, or a panel discussion.


However, you may have discussed a variation in format with your session organizer. Please follow their instructions if this is so.

Policy notice.png

3) Joining us at AfA Connect
(Day of the event) 

3) Joining us at AfA Connect

Here is all the essential information for the day of your session. Please read this information before the day of your session, and follow these instructions on the day. ​


​AfA Connect is being held on June 5 and 6, 2024. Your session host will make it clear which day you are required (see invitation email). You can also see which session and day you are presenting in Section 2 above. 


Log in time:

  • ALL speakers are required to log in at 1:30 pm (GMT +7) for technical check and run through on the day of their session. 

  • The event is scheduled to start at 2:00pm (GMT +7). 

  • Even if your session is later in the program, we require you to join at the above time for technical checks. ​


Technical Checks:

In the technical check before your session please be prepared to:

  • Share your screen, enter presenter mode and change screens;​

  • Check your microphone and sound quality;

  • Check any videos or sound in your presentation slide (if any).


Entering the correct virtual room:

During the technical check before the event, we will help you move to the correct virtual room for your session. 

On-screen requirements: 

  • These requirements can be set before you join the technical check.

  • Please mute your microphone until needed. 

  • Please change your name format to (Speaker)_[Name]_[Organisation]. 

    • To change you name; ​​​

      1. Click participants​;

      2. Navigate to your name, hover on it, click more, then select rename;

      3. Enter you name with the format (Speaker)_[Name]_[Organisation]. For example: (Speaker)_Alcila Abby_AfA Coalition.

AfA Connect Speaker Webpage Graphics (Elliot) (5).png
  • We require you to download and use our AfA Connect speaker background image. 

    • Please download it here and save it to your desktop. ​​​

    • To set as your background; 

      1. Click the small arrow in the start video button.​

      2. "Choose Virtual Background...".

      3.  On the right hand side under your video view, click the small + and then "Add Image". Select the downloaded background image from your desktop. 

      4. Once uploaded, select the image from the options. 

      5. Tick the "Mirror my video button" option. 

      6. Close the settings window. ​

Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 9.57.50 am.png

How to share your screen:

Before you join us, please open your presentation in its own window, if via internet browser, or its own file open alone - PowerPoint or PDF. This will make it easier to select the right screen when it’s time to share. 


We also suggest closing down all other windows and applications to maintain your computer speed, decrease possible issues, and so that when it’s time to present, you can find the correct tab easily. 


In zoom to share your screen

  1. Navigate to the very center of the zoom toolbar (if you do not see it, hover over the bottom edge of your zoom window and it will appear). Click “Share Screen”. This button is in the very middle toolbar, and is green in color.

  2. Select the option that is only your presentation (not an option with multiple tabs).       

  3. If using video or sound within your presentation select both options in the bottom left hand cover.

  4. Select “Share”.

  5. If selected correctly your presentation will get a green border around the screen, and “You are sharing your screen/stop share” will appear at the top.


AfA Connect Speaker Webpage Graphics (Elliot).png

How to enter presentation mode:

Scroll through the gallery to find your presentation application. You can click the image for a description of how to enter presentation mode. 


4) Promoting the event

4) Promotion

We kindly ask for your support in promoting this event on your individual social media platforms and sharing with your professional networks and colleagues. 

For your followers and colleagues to register and participate via zoom, please share this link


You can also share the following livestream Youtube link (Coming soon). 

We have some promotional material you are free to use:

  • (Coming soon). Here is a link to a G-drive with promotional material, including graphics specific to your session.  

  • Here is a link to the AfA Connect webpage.

  • If you wish, add your organizations logo to any promotional material. Please keep the AfA logo. 

  • If you wish to create your own material, please include the AfA Connect logo, which can be found in the G-drive above. 

Image by Christopher Carson

5) Tips for presenting at an online event  

5) Tips for presenting

Guidelines to help you look and sound your best when presenting virtually on Zoom. 


We recommend that you read through these guidelines and check each item well in advance of your virtual recording session, typically a few weeks before your session, so that you have time to adjust, as necessary and as time permits.

How to look your best when virtually presenting

1. Place your camera at eye level.  We want your eyes to be about one-third of the way from the top of the screen, as shown in this sample. You may need to elevate your computer with a stack of books or other aid. And try to have the lens perpendicular to the floor and parallel to your face.

2. Be sure the camera lens is clean.  You can clean it with water or eyeglass cleaner and a soft cloth.

3. Look into your camera’s lens when you speak.  If you feel you need the “real person” feedback from another person, reposition the Zoom window so you’re seeing another person’s eye’s just behind or above your camera lens.

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 09.51.12.png

4. Sit on a fixed chair, rather than a swivel chair, to reduce unwanted movements.

5. Make sure that your face is well-lit. It can help to have a light or window facing you. Conversely, having a bright light or window behind you can make your face appear dark. Experiment with your seating and camera position to see what looks good. You can make lights brighter by bringing them closer to you and softer by placing them further from you.

6. Try different types of lights – incandescent lights will result in a more orange/yellow color, and fluorescent or cooler light will have a bluer quality. LED lights range in colors from soft yellows to bright whites. Daylight also makes for nice lighting but can vary a lot even during your recording time. Also, if you wear glasses, you might get a reflection on your lenses from your computer screen. To reduce this glare, place a light off to the side of your screen.

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 10.01.48.png
How to sound your best when virtually presenting

7. Pick an area that is calm and free of distraction. Keep the area behind you clean and without other people passing by or making noises.

8. If you have an external microphone, you may wish to experiment with it. Often the sound quality on an external microphone or even AirPods or a wired headset offers superior audio quality. And using a headset or earphones can help reduce audio feedback/echoes.

9. Silence your cell phone during the session.

Overall virtual presenting

10. Select the best webcam available. While webcams are in high demand these days and may be hard to come by, look for one with Full HD HD 1080p Resolution and 30 fps Frame rate. The Resolution will capture a higher quality image and the Frame Rate will capture smoother movements. You might also look for a camera with a built-in microphone.

11. Check your video settings. In Zoom, these are found in the bottom left of the meeting toolbar, as shown in the top image. Here are several really important settings. The aspect ratio of your webcam should be 16:9, which is the norm for wide-screen viewing. While you’re checking those settings, “Enable HD,” if possible, for high-definition video capture. If you use a different video recording platform, check for similar settings.

12. You can improve audio quality somewhat from within Zoom. Again from the toolbar at the bottom left of the meeting screen, check these two settings, which optimize sound for speech but interfere with music. First, select the arrow next to the mute button and select “Audio Settings.” When this menu opens, select “Advanced.” Within this main “Advanced” window, set the “Suppress Background Noise” to “Auto”. Second, open the secondary “Advanced” screen by clicking on the bottom right button. Make sure the “Echo Cancellation” is set to “Auto”. If you use other virtual recording tools, be sure to check similar settings in those.

13. If you can directly wire your computer to your router through an Ethernet cable, you will get a faster transmission and cleaner video image.

14. Your connection may also improve if other people in your household are not streaming video at the same time as your call. You can do an internet speed test at or numerous other websites. A faster upload speed will result in your video looking clearer.

15. To improve your computer’s performance, you can also restart your computer shortly before your recording session. Whether you are a person being recorded virtually – or if you are a person capturing virtual filming of someone else – close all other applications during your Zoom or other virtual recording session.

Thank you! We look forward to your presence at AfA Connect!

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