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Subway announces end of cage eggs in Asia by 2025 following our letter

Back in July 2019, we let you know that we had joined forces with our friends at the Open Wing Alliance to author a letter to Subway to highlight their ethical obligation to remove cage-produced eggs from their supply chain.

OWA’s approach is a strategic one, targeting major food producers and outlets around the world, urging them to make more compassionate changes to their sources of eggs and chicken meat. Initiated by The Humane League, the Open Wing Alliance brings member organizations together to create a unified front in their campaign to free egg-laying hens from cages.

image: moving animals

Subway has now announced announced the commitment to source only cage-free eggs in all Southeast Asian countries where it operates, plus Taiwan and South Korea. It is thought that they made this decision in response to pressure from groups like Asia for Animals Coalition, Open Wing Alliance and South American group Sinergia Animal.

image: moving animals

Hens are much underestimated animals. They are intelligent and social and display complex behaviours and the ability to problem solve. Read more about these amazing animals in this piece. 

But they don’t get to express any of that natural goodness in cage life. Cage hens are basically egg machines for human enjoyment. Humans kill 50 billion hens per year for food. The only way to reduce this number is to reduce overall demand.

The trouble is that, although we welcome this news, many people are still under the illusion that free range hens live an idyllic outdoor life style. However the reality is still an intensive farming practice, although thankfully they do have the freedom of movement and social interaction.

Whilst the huge task of demand reduction and promotion of veganism is taking place, the best we can do is at least try to give hens better living conditions.

That’s why we consider Subway’s commitment to end cage hens in their Asia supply chain by 2025 a welcome victory, as it will have a positive impact on the welfare of a large number of animals to come.

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