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Sinergia Animal launched cage-free tracker in Asia and Latin America

Based on the statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Asia is currently the biggest manufacturer of eggs in the world and is responsible for over 64% of total worldwide volume.

Unfortunately, the fact is that the bulk of egg-laying hens spend the entirety of their lives being held in 'battery cages', which are tiny spaces which has little space for them to move. Due to these living conditions, hens are enduring great sufferings every day in farms. Not only do they have no room to move, but they also lack room for their natural behaviors like dustbathing and foraging. The hard wires from the cages cut their feet. The lack of hygiene and space could lead to hens dying in confinement and left to rot among other living hens. As another dire consequence, they engage in unnatural behaviors like self-mutilation and cannibalism. Other consequences to humans could be the immense impact that the industry has on our environment, which causes pollution to both the air and the water environment and the probability of being infected with Salmonella.

In the past few years, as animal welfare has gained more acknowledgement, more and more companies have pledged to adopt a cage-free egg transition. The tracking program by Sinergia Animal was created with a view to monitoring companies' progress who have announced their commitment. The tracker provides information on both Asian and Latin American companies, in which there are 5 countries in Asia and 7 countries in Latin America.

To find out more about the tracker and the companies listed, please visit:

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