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Resources and support for Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers (SARCs)

The AfA Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers Coalition (SARCC) maintains a finger on the pulse for new resources and activities that may help people running SARCs and caring for wildlife. If we see a knowledge gap in resources, we will try help to fill those gaps via SARCC initiatives or events. 

Below are some of our latest resources along with various AfA databases that may be useful to your organization. 

One-on-one support

Did you know, if you or your NGO need assistance tracking down a resource, or have a question on a topic that’s been challenging, you can reach out to us at We will help you track down answers, or talk through challenges and direct you to resources and opportunities through our extensive resource database and network of experts.  

We have had SARCs and NGOs contact us about a range of different topics such as looking for husbandry information and connection on new species that have been rescued, such as squirrel monkeys, racoons and sugar gliders, to welfare training opportunities, where to publish case studies on releases and how to register as a 501c in the United States.

Strategic Development 

Strategic development can seem like an insurmountable challenge for busy rescue centers and sanctuaries to even think about. However, the process isn’t as complicated or time-consuming as organizational leaders may think. Jackie Bennett, of Wild Pangolin Consulting joined us at the online event AfA Connect in June with her one-step-at-a-time approach to Preparing for Tomorrow: strategic organizational development at your sanctuary or rescue center. In the session, Jackie outlined the key terms of strategic development, and a simple step by step approach for managers to start the process. Just knowing where to begin can seem insurmountable, so Jackie also prepared a number of worksheets for you to use to make the process as simple as possible.  

Jackie also outlined why strategic plans and thinking are essential to sustainable operations and to the future of the animals involved. This process will help you align your team to your mission and vision, and demonstrate to funders you are professional,have an eye on the future, and are adaptive to changing and challenging circumstances. There are so many tips, tricks and questions to ask yourself about how ready your organization is for your growth, and  the unexpected!

You can review Jackie’s presentation from AfA Connect here: The Importance of Strategic Organizational Development to Your SARCC, and the presentation and associated worksheets can be found here: Preparing for Tomorrow: strategic organizational development - one step at a time

To connect with Jackie on your strategic development journey please email her or contact us at SARCC.

You can also see a summary of June's AfA Connect here!

Financial Management 

Does your organization need a financial and fundraising check in? Joanne Dunsford from Animals Asia Foundation joined us at AfA Connect on how to create a robust NGO budget and why core costs (unrestricted funding) is crucial for your organization's success and longevity. This one hour introduction can help your organization with a check-in and share some simple tips and tricks including how to add core costs to budgets and request it in grant requests, as well as how to try and get unrestricted funding. 

Watch the session here: Fundraising, budgets and core costs!

Grants Database 

SARCC has recently made a free database of grants relevant to sanctuaries and rescue centers and conservation organizations. Please bookmark or save this link as it is constantly updated.

AfA Capacity in Animal Protection (CAPC) Resource Database 

Organizations working in animal welfare can now easily access and utilize AfA's large collection of helpful resources. These resources range from advice on welfare and husbandry, monitoring and evaluation tools, organizational development and mental health. 

​If you know of any other resources that may be helpful to your fellow animal welfare advocates please email

AfA Events Calendar 

If you're looking to meet colleagues and the latest in your area of work, check out our events calendar! You will find everything from international meetings, regional conferences,online events and webinars. 

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