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Positive response received re: circus animals in Vietnam

AfA receives response from Vietnamese officials which could lead to freedom for imprisoned animals

Recently we brought you news that our coalition came together to send an appeal against horrid conditions for animals forced to perform degrading tricks at several tourism facilities operated by Long Phu Corporation, Vietnam.

Today we received a response letter from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stating that within a week of our letter, they had carried out an inspection of one such facility and written to its management to outline a course of action.

This is great news. Asia for Animals has been campaigning against dreadful conditions and welfare standards for animals kept at ‘Dam Sen Cultural Park’ since 2018, and finally our voices are being heard.

We thanked officials in our recent letter for acting on our very first letter to put pressure on Dam Sen, which ultimately led to the park no longer using Bears and Elephants in performance.

Although this is great progress, Orangutans, Pythons, Macaques and many many other animals still languish in terrible conditions in a state of stress and fear there, hence our coalition’s follow up letter to keep the pressure on.

The important statements of today’s response are as follows:

“Dam Sen is committed to stop using CITES Appendix 1 wild animals (in circuses) since 2016” – This should put a stop to their use of the orangutans in the circus – they have already stopped using bears and elephants following our opposition letters to the government in 2018.
Ensure that all animals in Dam Sen are well managed, safe and able to show natural behaviours, Animals are not mistreated and used for circus performances” – This statement should end the use of all wild animals including the macaques and python within the circus. This is something that we have been campaigning on for the past few years and would be an excellent result if it happens.

We feel that this response shows that cruel and undignified animal performance like this should become a thing of the past. It is a big step forward in our campaign to end animal circus performance across Vietnam.

Read the full response HERE

How you can help

To keep the pressure on those capitalising from animal misery, sign Animals Asia’s petition to Long Phu Corporation. Share it with your friends, and let them know it is NOT ok to endorse animal performance whilst on holiday.


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