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Our response to your comments about stray dog culling in Myanmar

AfA addresses the commonly asked questions surrounding this difficult issue.

Many of you read our recent social media posts about our letter to Myanmar govt. officials regarding stray dog culling in Yangon, and many of you reacted. Please allow us to respond here to the FAQ’s:

1) AfA’s offer of help As mentioned in our letter to the Myanmar government, we are uniquely placed to offer help and advice to alleviate the problems caused by human-dog conflict, an ultimate result of dog overpopulation. The AfA coalition is a network of animal welfare experts who are willing and equipped to offer help and advice with this issue. We are awaiting a response from the government following our letter and we would need them to request coalition support to ensure we can provide them with any assistance we can.

2) Evidence on projects working to eliminate rabies Our member organisation, Four Paws, are currently working on the ground in Myanmar, and have already vaccinated 55,000 animals as part of their pilot projects in Bagan and Naypyitaw. They have an agreement with Myanmar’s Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department to continue their work to vaccinate 1 million animals throughout Myanmar by the end of 2021, and will update their supporters on progress with this as they carry out the work in each geographical area. This will reduce the public health risk posed by rabies exposure, which in turn will reduce human-dog conflict. For more information on this and to give your support or donation, please see: