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Farm Animal Coalition - Vietnam Conference 2023: Collaboration for the better welfare of farm animal

From June 23rd-24th 2023, The Asia for Animals Coalition (AfA) - Farm Animal Coalition & 6 other co-organizers - namely HealthyFarm, Vive, Animal Alliance Asia, Shrimp Welfare Project, Vietnam Animal Welfare Association, Chef Q working on farm animal welfare in Vietnam and the Asian region co-hosted the very first in-person Farm Animal Coalition Regional Event, locally named Farm Animal Coalition - Vietnam Conference 2023 at Thang Loi Hotel, Hanoi with the major theme of collaboration for the better welfare of farm animal.

Supported by Asia for Animals - Farm Animal Coalition, a network of organizations advocating for farm animal welfare across Asia, this conference was the first of its kind in Vietnam dedicated to species of animals being farmed for humans’ food. During the two-day event, key stakeholders from the business sector, government agencies in agriculture, and NGOs joined together and engaged in a lively discussion about the current situation, challenges, and opportunities for future collaboration towards better welfare for farm animals in the country. Topics of discussion covered in the conference included farm animal protection policies, the welfare of aquatic and land animals (including shrimps, chickens, pigs, and cows), strategies to raise awareness of consumers and businesses, and alternatives to animal products.

Participants of the conference recognized the connection between human well-being and animal welfare, and that consumers nowadays not only care about food quality but also the origin and source of their food, demanding products with higher animal welfare. Representatives from NGOs and other stakeholders agreed to continue working with each other in the future as a result of a roundtable discussion at the conference. 

In addition, the conference offered the public a chance to participate in a “consumer event” where they learned about the daily life on a farm of some animal species such as cows, chickens, and pigs, including through VR devices, and enjoyed fun games and activities such as making a chicken nest, drawing farm animals, collecting stamps by answering quizzes, etc. We have had two local media outlets write about the event which were The Farmers Magazine and Vietnam Poultry Association.

Let's relive the memory through the moments captured during two days of our events in this video made by HealthyFarm – one of the co-organizers at the Farm Animal Coalition Regional Event Viet Nam 2023.

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