The movement to help farmed animals is growing in Asia. AfA Coalition wants to help groups working in Asia to begin new work for the benefit of farmed animals, or to strengthen their existing work.  We have a dedicated Farm Animal Welfare Coordinator who can help your NGO discover new ways to expand your work.


Please explore below the methods by which AfA can support the movement. If your group wishes to access one-to-one support from our coordinator to discuss each of the areas below in more detail, please email farm@asiaforanimals.com

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Farm Animal Coalition Subgroups

AfA will be establishing & facilitating groups of animal welfare NGOs working for farmed animals in each country of Asia. In these regular discussions, you can share information of local developments with other groups, thus identifying ways to strengthen or diversify our efforts. Our AfA coordinator will facilitate these meetings so that all you have to focus on  is sharing your valuable work with the others. In turn, AfA can collate all of the learnings from these meetings into our database mentioned below, allowing us to act as the central point of the Asian movement's knowledge base.


If you would like to join or establish a working group for your country, please email farm@asiaforanimals.com


Our Database of the Movement in Asia

As the largest network of animal protection NGOs in Asia, AfA is in a unique position to have a bird's eye view of the movement for farmed animals in the region. If we know which organisations are focusing on particular animals, strategies or countries, we can do a better job of making effective connections between our network members. 

Continually surveying the movement in this way allows us to identify patterns to the challenges and opportunity areas which are consistent across many countries and organisations. In turn this can help us advise or understand how best we can support the movement. Plus, by sharing this collected knowledge with other groups working in the region, we can help to reduce redundancies. In these ways, Asia for Animals Coalition can be a useful bridge between the many and varied actors in the space for farmed animals in Asia.


If you would like to know more about our databasing work , please email farm@asiaforanimals.com



Along with many other well-known NGOs, AfA is a partner in the organisation of Asia Farm Animal Day, held every October 10th


The event seeks not only to raise public awareness across Asia of the issues facing farmed animals, but also to take the opportunity for well-established organisations to share their expertise and learnings with all groups, including those working at a grassroots level. This is done via a webinar learning series. Click the icon below to explore the event, and see what's in store for this year.

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As well as Asia Farm Animal Day, AfA also delivers the biggest and longest running animal protection conference in Asia since 2001. Now that we have a dedicated coordinator for farmed animals, we can facilitate breakaway sessions during the conference specific to this area of the movement. Here you can learn from other groups about strategies and methods you can implement in your own group. Explore our AfA Conferences area to find out more about our past events.



Our movement for farmed animals in Asia is stronger if we unite. There are a growing number of partnerships who are looking to expand their membership in Asia. AfA is often approached by such alliances to send out a call for new member organisations.


What's more, by becoming a member of such a partnership, you may benefit by getting access to their resources which may take the form of grants, training and working groups which are particular to that area. If you have a particular area of focus but not sure which partnerships to join, you can access one-to-one support from our coordinator to discuss this in more detail, please email farm@asiaforanimals.com

If your group is not yet part of the AfA network, you can access all of the support described on this page, as well as our private discussion forum where you can connect with other NGOs. You will also be able to support our united appeals to governments and officials on a wide range of animal welfare issues. To find out more and join please CLICK HERE.

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There are many resources out there which can directly benefit your ability to deliver more work for farmed animals in Asia. AfA has compiled a resource list particular to this area of the movement, please peruse below. If your organisation does not have much experience in the application or due diligence processes involved in applying for grants, please allow us to help. Please contact our Farm Animal Welfare Coordinator on the details above if you would like any assistance in using or applying for any of theses resources.

The table below is grouped by the type of resource for your convenience, but it can be explored in a number of ways:

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Our movement is stronger together. If your organisation wishes to raise an appeal about improving the lives of farmed animals in Asia, it may be more impactful if sent as an AfA appeal. Typically any one of our appeal letters have around 200 signatory organisations, and this lets decision makers know that the entire animal welfare lobby is watching.

To read some of our past appeals, head to the appeal letters page for a browse. If you have something in mind you would like to raise an AfA appeal about, please contact farm@asiaforanimals.com

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