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AfA welcomes new member – Anima-Society for the Protection of Animals (Macau) “ANIMA&#82

Long-established sanctuary and welfare charity based in Macau joins coalition

It is with delight that we are proud to announce our 22nd coalition member – Anima-Society for the Protection of Animals (Macau), of China – otherwise known as ANIMA.

Founded in 2003, and best known for the dog and cat rescue centres in the southern coast city (which only re-joined China in 1999 after Portugese rule) Anima actually does much more than this. Its vision is “To develop Macao as a role model community, in the awareness and prevention of neglectfulness and cruelty to animals.”

They know that as well as providing first class care for their rescued animals and offering an excellent re-homing and adoption service, educating the public on animal welfare issues is also key. Through their work hosting community events and adoption days, they are advocating the highest level of pet care, whilst at the same time raising public awareness of cruelty issues facing animals in the city. In this way they are transforming public opinion, turning the tide against cruel local sports such as greyhound racing.

In joining Asia for Animals coalition, they lend their support to our appeal letters to governments and facilities, opposing a variety of cruelty cases and issues throughout Asia. Anima have a huge social media following and therefore represent the voices of so many like-minded citizens. And having the support of yet another NGO based within Asia is important, because it lets governments know that there are also a huge number of Asian animal lovers too – the sentiments of our appeals do not just come from the West.

To learn more about Anima, please visit their website here

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