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AfA takes action to help end ivory trade

Our Canadian friends Elephanatics have written to their government, urging them to make the sale, import and export of ivory illegal in Canada. Their original letter was co-signed by 95 politicians, scientists and animal welfare organisations from around the world. Their online petition for a domestic ivory trade ban now has over 350,000 signatures and they have also attracted media attention with their efforts.

But as can sometimes happen, the Canadian Government has not made the crisis threatening one of the most beautiful and iconic species on Earth a priority. That is why we have sent a new letter with our Asia for Animals coalition members and supporting organisations to lend more support to this issue. Surely, along with all those signatures, this issue can no longer be regarded as low priority. Read our joint finished letter HERE.

If Canada bans Ivory, it will set a global example to other nations who may follow suit. Let’s hope for the end of the Ivory trade and a better world for Elephants.

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