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AfA opposes animal circus performance in Vietnam

Coalition unites to send two letters to oppose shocking cruelty at facilities managed by Long Phu Corporation

It has come to our attention that Vietnam’s Long Phu Corporation, which operates tourist destinations such as “Monkey Island”, “Orchid Island”, “Dam Sen Tourist Park” and “Cu Chi Water Park”, has been subjecting its animals to horrible conditions and depraving shows.

Because these destinations are spread throughout the country, AfA has written to officials in different parts of Vietnam, asking them to step in and investigate the corporation’s adherence to Vietnamese law, and to take action on their findings.

Read our letters HERE and HERE

As you can see from our photos from a selection of their facilities, not only are animals forced to perform in degrading and unnatural shows, most likely beaten by their trainers, but they are also held in squalid cages.

Please, if you come across any of these destinations, or any like them which offer animal performance, avoid them at all costs. Share this article with your friends to help spread the word.

Our Coalition member organisation Animals Asia exposed Long Phu Corp in this fantastic news article back in March. To learn more READ IT HERE


Sign Animals Asia’s petition below


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