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AfA appeals against the export of three elephant calves to Russia

The Asia for Animals Coalition has raised an appeal letter to the State Councillor and Union Minister for Foreign Affairs to to voice our concerns surrounding the planned export of three Asian elephant calves from Myanmar to Russia as reported within the media.

These elephants are reportedly living within an environment in Myanmar where they have access to other elephants in which they can interact and socialize. As they grow they will reportedly have access to natural forested areas where they are able to find their own food sources and interact and develop relationships with other captive elephants. Removing them from such unrestrictive conditions and placing them within the confines of the Durov Animal Theatre is likely to have serious consequences for their individual welfare.

Elephants used in circuses are deprived of the ability to perform most natural behaviours. They are either confined, tethered, or under the ankus (bull hook) of the trainer.

Furthermore, there are grave concerns regarding the impact an international relocation could have on the elephants’ welfare. The international travel would result in an enormous amount of stress which could have serious and lasting repercussions on their physical and psychological well-being.

We respectfully urge the authorities – on the grounds of animal welfare – to intervene, and kindly request their consideration to revoke the permission to export these three calves to ensure they remain within their country of origin.

Please visit our page to view all appeal letters and their support sent by the coalition:

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