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Kabul Zoo updates

As the largest coalition of animal welfare organisations with particular expertise in Asia, we wish to support organisations working with Kabul Zoo in Afghanistan, and to ensure that accurate information is available.  Please refer to this webpage for updates as the situation develops and direct any enquiries to 

In order to provide the most recent updates, we are liaising with the organisations who work on the ground with Kabul Zoo.  We will update this page if the situation changes significantly. If there have been no recent updates to the page, it is because there have been no significant changes reported. 

Thank you for your understanding and for your concern for the animals at Kabul Zoo! 
Who is working on the issue?


26th August 2021: 

The Mayhew and the Zoological Society of London are in touch with Kabul Zoo.  

These organizations are not directly involved in the zoo’s activities, but are in direct contact with the zoo’s director.  The Asia for Animal Coalition’s 22 core member organisations are here to support these organisations and are monitoring the situation.

The zoo has confirmed that, although the situation is fluid and the future as yet uncertain, that the animals have food and water. 

Statement from ZSL

STATEMENT from the Zoological Society of London 

26th August 2021: 

ZSL London Zoo, part of international conservation charity ZSL, is committed to providing support to Kabul Zoo. The two zoos have worked together over the years, with our teams sharing expert knowledge and experience. With the rapidly changing situation in Afghanistan, ZSL London Zoo’s team remain in contact with Kabul Zoo at this time and will continue to provide support and advice whenever and wherever possible. 

Statement from The Mayhew

STATEMENT from The Mayhew

26th August 2021: 

Mayhew is a UK registered animal welfare charity,  working primarily with dogs and cats. Our work in Kabul with our branch, Mayhew Afghanistan, is delivery of a mass canine rabies vaccination programme and a TNR programme for the city’s free-roaming dog population. We do not have a shelter there. 

The safety of our staff is a priority at this time, but we are hoping to resume our operations if and when circumstances allow and it is safe to do so.  There will still be free-roaming dogs in Kabul and rabies will raise its ugly head again.

Mayhew’s relationship with Kabul Zoo started in 2002 when we were part of a group of NGOs that helped rebuild the zoo.  Dr Mohammadzai DVM, our Afghanistan Country Director, has facilitated connections for Kabul Zoo with ZSL London and also provided training for vets and carried out more complex surgeries for them. We have a warm relationship with the Zoo Director. 

What can I do to help?


There is much misinformation circulating the internet.  Please, share news only from trustworthy sources.

Getting money is currently difficult in Afghanistan. The banks are not operating and there are restrictions on the transfer of funds from western banks. We will update this page as we learn more about this situation.

Please refer to this page as a reliable source of information and rely on us to update as we hear more news.



Please direct all enquiries to to ensure that we can support the teams working on or in Afghanistan. The AfA coalition can act as a filter point to alleviate the pressure that these organisations are currently facing.

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