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Farm Animal Coalition - Organization of the month – Vive

As we are stepping into 2024 with so many exciting plans, AfA’s Farm Animal Coalition (FAC) is kicking off the new year with a new blog series entitled “Organization of the month”. Every month, we will feature one FAC Member Organization and shine a spotlight on the amazing work they do for farmed animals. We hope you enjoy learning about these organizations and the work that they do! Let’s start this Veganuary with Vive – one of our esteemed members of the FAC Alternative Protein subgroup.

Who is Vive?

Vive (formerly known as Sống Thuần Chay), is a community organization set up in 2018 in Vietnam with the purpose of providing information and knowledge about a vegan lifestyle, organizing community events, and producing life-changing media. Vive's most prominent campaigns include the 7-Day Vegan Challenge, which offers essential knowledge about veganism, valuable tips, daily meal plans, and supportive guidance, and the famous VegFests, which have attracted tens of thousands of people and celebrities to participate. 

What is Vive about?

After a transformative five-year journey, Vive's team has blossomed from a solo endeavor to a dedicated group of seven vibrant individuals. Since joining FAC in 2021, Vive, under the leadership of Scott Green, the organization's founder, has actively participated in various roles. Scott, a dedicated member of the Asia Farm Animal Day's Steering Committee, also contributes his expertise to FAC's Alternative Protein subgroup, offering invaluable advice and support.

Scott's visionary ambition, shared with us, aspires to see every restaurant in Vietnam embrace vegan options, propelling the nation into a leading position as one of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world—a compassionate haven for animals. This shared vision resonates vividly throughout Vive team's campaigns and social media presence. From tasty vegan recipes to updates on vegan celebrities, Vive employs a unique and friendly approach to connect with the local community. Their content, thoughtfully crafted in Vietnamese, coupled with strategic initiatives, serves as a compelling force in spreading awareness and fostering a kinder spirit.

What makes Vive the “Organization of the month”?

While there are numerous reasons to consider, let's streamline and illustrate them through the following impressive numbers and achievements.

What’s more? Vive is the producer of the first animal rights-centered film in the region with glowing support and reviews from renowned filmmakers and photographers Ryuji Chua and Jo-Anne Mc Arthur. Additionally, Vive has been asked to speak in multiple countries about their work and fundraising efforts in Vietnam, Malaysia, Czech, USA, Thailand, and Singapore.

Shall we look at all of the beautiful moments captured at Vive’s events that speak louder than any words could have done?

Learn more about Vive on their website, and follow them on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok) to keep up to speed with their wonderful upcoming events. See you in the next FAC blog – Organization of the month, in February!


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