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AfA urges TripAdvisor to remove cruel canned hunting from it’s site

(image: Cikidang Resort Facebook)

Cikidang Plantation Estate, Resort Hotel, Golf & Country Club in Indonesia is a resort which offers bloodsports to it’s visitors. Known as “canned hunting”, these are experiences which leave animals no chance of escape, being as they are in a large, fenced in enclosure.

To learn more about it, watch the video below:

This destination is endorsed by the TripAdvisor website, meaning that TripAdvisor is profiting from this suffering. This is a clear contradiction to the company’s animal welfare policy which states that:

“TripAdvisor and its subsidiaries will not sell tickets to any attraction that is found to be in breach of the TripAdvisor listing policy as it relates to the harming or killing of animals. ” 

This policy stipulates that TripAdvisor does not list attractions where the primary purpose of the business includes …. the harming or killing of any captive animal (such as bloodsport attractions)”