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AfA opposes brutal dog and cat meat markets in Indoneisa

Our friends at Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI) have recently undertaken an investigation at Indonesia’s Tomohon cat and dog meat markets.  Unfortunately they encountered some underhand behaviour from local government on arrival at the market despite the officials being aware it was due to take place.  The markets were more or less cleared of any cats and dogs giving the impression that the situation had already been dealt with.  Sadly this is very much not the case and DMFI, with the help of our coalition have raised two letters to Indonesian officials to bring the end of this cruelty forward.

During their investigations this year, DMFI were accompanied by their ambassador, renowned British actor and animal activist Peter Egan and film-maker Andrew Telling. Together in this video exposé, they give their account of the true horrors of visiting one of the so-called “extreme markets”.

It is hard to imagine markets where children watch as dogs and cats are violently bludgeoned to death with clubs, or even in some cases blow-torched alive, but the sad truth is that this is reality.

To learn more, please read the letters we have sent to the Mayor of Tomohon and the Governor of Sulawesi HERE and HERE

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