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APC Report - mapping animal policy advocacy across asia 2022

International and national legal frameworks play crucial roles in ensuring animal welfare. They provide the basis for actual practices and monitoring. Through identifying gaps in legislation and advocating to close these gaps, policy advocacy has become an essential animal protection tool.
Policy advocacy helps promote and strengthen specific animal welfare movements, for example farmed animal advocacy has an ever-growing presence in high-level policy forums. Given the severity of the Covid19 pandemic and its impacts on people worldwide, the significance of animal-focused policy advocacy has been brought to the forefront in regional and international institutions. The absolute necessity for more investment in animal advocacy within human health and climate change has been starkly highlighted.

As a founding member of the World Federation for Animals (WFA) in November 2019, the Asia for Animals Coalition became their Asian regional network, supporting and channeling the WFA’s policy-related efforts to our network member organizations. The AfA Policy Coalition (APC) was initiated in June 2022 in order to support the increasing volume of policy advocacy efforts in the region. However, animal welfare and the key drivers who influence it, especially policy-focused players in the region, are not very well understood among advocates. The AfA Policy Coalition began by initiating a mapping exercise in order to gain a clearer picture of animal-driven policy advocacy efforts in Asia.

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