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AfA question the IUCN on their true stance on trophy hunting

A recent shocking exposé by BuzzFeed News brings to light a wealth of evidence including email exchanges and more, showing major failings by the IUCN, begging the question – have they allowed themselves to be infiltrated by trophy hunters protecting their own interests?

Not only does it appear from the press that the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) is allowing it’s policy making on matters of  trophy hunting to be guided by those who stand to benefit from trophy hunting, but on top of that, the IUCN also seem reluctant to discuss this issue.

The World Conservation Congress is the largest conservation conference in the world, and the perfect opportunity to shed light on this conflict of ethics. But the IUCN rejected a motion for it to be discussed.

The implications of good wildlife conservation policies and accurate information are far reaching. Consider the huge volume of poached wildlife which makes it’s way from Africa to supply demand for products in Asia.

Therefore all of the member organisations in AfA rely in some way on data from IUCN – supposedly the world leading authority on conservation – to continue their work to make a better world for animals.