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AfA opposes brutal pig slaughter methods in Thailand & Cambodia

Our coalition raises two letters to officials in Thailand & Cambodia opposing what appear to be commonplace bludgeoning slaughter methods

Our friends at two animal photo journalism organisations, We Animals and Moving Animals, have recently had their coverage of the cruelty commonly found in Asian pig slaughter covered by The Guardian in two popular articles.

The articles point out that in these respective countries, these organisations have found slaughter house workers to be using very basic, home-made stunning devices which do not actually render the pigs unconscious before the are brutally clubbed and bludgeoned to death.

The situation in each country is slightly different, but in both cases, the use of these insufficient devices, and the brutality of what follows, are against guidelines and regulations set out by the respective departments of agriculture.

Read their articles HERE and HERE

Learning of this, AfA has now sent two letters, each supported by around 200 global NGO’s, to the relevant officials in both Thailand and Cambodia, condemning these practices and demanding that investigation take place and steps implemented to ensure adherence to guidelines.

Read our letters both HERE and HERE

Whilst we await a response, we urge you to follow both We Animals and Moving Animals on social media as the story unfolds

(all images in this post by We Animals)

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