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AfA Macaque Coaltion at Monkey Monday!

It is the 20th anniversary of Oxford Brookes University’s MSc programme in Primate Conservation. Alumni of this programme have gone on to do amazing and effective primate welfare and conservation work all around the world. In celebration, the Programme is running its Primate Conservation Seminar - otherwise known as “Monkey Monday” - online each Monday at 6pm (UTC+1).

The Asia for Animals Coalition’s Brooke Aldrich completed the Oxford Brookes Programme in 2006 and will be the featured speaker on Monday, 12 April. Brooke will speak about the work she’s done since completing the MSc, and will present the recently launched AfA Macaque Coalition, which she coordinates.

The event is free and will last for an hour. Find information about the event HERE. We hope you will join us online on Monday!

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