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AfA urges Xi Jinping to end commercial wildlife trade in China

Our coalition has written to President Xi Jinping of China , urging him to provide leadership and oversight on the issue of how a comprehensive ban on the wildlife trade will benefit public health in the long term, in light of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

For those who are genuinely interested, we recommend reading our letter, signed by 159 NGO’s, in full. You will see the multitude of reasons we highlight for making the recent wildlife trade ban sustainable.

Such a ban was enforced in 2003 during the SARS crisis, but was not sustained. Now, history is repeating itself with grave consequences for global public health, Animal Welfare and Conservation .

China can be a highly progressive nation, and AfA feels that to foster long term solutions, we have to encourage and support every step taken in the right direction.

Read the english version of the letter, HERE

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