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AfA opposes squalid conditions of travelling Zoo in Japan

Coalition unites to implore officials to revoke Zoo license of cruel owner Mr. Horii

Yoshinori Horii, the Director and Owner of Horii Zoo (originally a travelling petting zoo) opened Meccha Zoo in 2015 which has consequently closed in early 2019 as a result of international concern regarding the shocking animal welfare standards.

Whilst AfA is pleased that Meccha Zoo has closed, we remain extremely concerned for the 1500 animals (including bears and other exotic species) that continue to be owned by Mr. Horri, being held on two separate farms, Moriyama and Yasu farm. The conditions reported are completely unacceptable. While the Administration of Shiga has made guidance to improve management within these facilities, we remain deeply concerned that not enough is being done by the relevant authorities.

We understand that through national pressure by the Japanese charity PEACE, Mr. Horri has been given plenty of opportunity to improve their conditions, but has still done nothing of significant change, and continues to purchase more animals to his collection.