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In memory of AfA Core Member Gil Michaels

The Asia for Animals Coalition is deeply saddened following the passing of Gil Michaels, founder of Animals Guardians and core member of the Asia for Animals Coalition.

Gil has been a member of AfA since its inception in 2001 and later became a board member. He was a passionate supporter of both its Asian conferences and network activities. A true animal advocate, Gil rarely wished to be in the spotlight, preferring to remain in support behind-the-scenes; he believed the focus should always be on the animals.

A key supporter behind the growth of AfA, Gil truly believed in its vision and future. Although he is no longer with us to see its development, AfA will continue to do all it can for animals, made possible by Gil’s past support, his enthusiasm and encouragement.

Gil supported many animal causes and organizations over the years. We would like to acknowledge his dedication to animal welfare in Asia and beyond and his unwavering commitment to ending animal suffering. His contribution to the world of animal protection will be sorely missed.

We offer our sincerest condolences to Gil’s friends and family at this difficult time.

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