Meat & body part trade:

Wild meat trade

Wild meat trade

While in some parts of Asia macaques have been customarily venerated, in others, they have traditionally been hunted for food.  However, over the past century, hunting methods and motivations have largely changed.  Roads opened up by logging interests and human expansion allow for increased access to remote animal populations, and for wild meat to be transported in large quantities to urban areas where it is a lucrative luxury product.  Modern firearms allow for more efficient killing.  Macaques may or may not be the specific target; in Vietnam, macaques frequently caught in snares set for other animals and may wind up as pets or meat.   While the wild meat trade is not the greatest threat faced by macaques, it does present welfare problems, and for some species, such as the Celebes macaque (Macaca nigra), it presents a significant conservation problem.


Meat & body part trade:


Mitigating the wild meat trade

Links to: projects that work on this issue - pages for possible mitigation strategies to be mixed and matched

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