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Welcome to our Working Groups! 

For general information about being part of the AfA Network, please refer to our Join AfA and Welcome pages. There you will find information about our structure, our conferences, appeals, and general work, and guidance on how to join our networking platform, Slack. Slack is an integral part of the way we comminicate and we encourage you tosign up and join in the conversation!  
As a Working Group Member or Associate, you must represent an organization that has joined the Asia for Animals Network. You will receive regular AfA communications (including newsletters and opportunities to sign on to appeals) and Working Group-specific communications. You are also eligible to participate in relevant subgroups.

Members, but not Associates, are offered the opportunity to help steer Working Group activities and may join Working Group-specific “members only” Slack channels.    

Occasionally, at the discretion of the Lead Coordinators, an unassociated expert may participate in relevant subgroup activities. 

Joining or forming a subgroup

Subgroups are not always formal; they sometimes form organically in response to specific arising or ongoing situations. In other cases, Working Group members or coordinators may identify a need and formally launch a subgroup.

Speak to your Working Group coordinator about subgroup involvement or if you would like to see a specific subgroup formed. 
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