We’re overjoyed to welcome your organisation into our wider network as a supporting organisation.  As the largest network of animal welfare organisations in Asia, the AfA Coalition can impact the lives of animals across Asia and beyond. The AfA coalition serves as an incredible platform to support NGOs, to take direct action on animal welfare issues, and as a public resource. As a united voice we are better-positioned to have a positive impact on some of the region’s most urgent and extreme forms of animal cruelty and exploitation, calling on those in power to effect impactful change for animals.


The AfA Coalition is composed of 23 member organisations, supported by a huge network of supporting organisations like yours. Member organisations work in Asia or on Asia-specific issues, work closely with other member organisations and offer advice to smaller NGOs who are part of the network, actively promote the Coalition’s work to their supporters and make an annual financial contribution to the Coalition.  If your organisation wishes to know more about official membership, please contact us: afacoalition@gmail.com

What is a supporting organisation?
The coalition is supported by a global network of hundreds of animal welfare organisations like your own,  and as such represents millions of like-minded supporters across the globe. The aim and purpose of the coalition is to work together to tackle issues across Asia as one united voice. Supporting organisations join for free. They can suggest and add their support to our appeals, collaborate and share information, are included in our network directory, discussion forum and our public directory (optional). 


The AfA Coalition is an important voice in the world of animal welfare, and  there is no comparable network in Asia. The Coalition raises awareness amongst local and international NGOs about issues requiring attention and action.  It is an effective platform for information and resource sharing, and supports and encourages the collaboration that is vital in tackling some of the most pressing animal welfare issues in the region.

We are always developing and striving to improve the ways in which we can serve animals and promote animal protection. Currently there are six main facets of our work, but as we progress more features will be added.

We raise appeal letters
AfA raises appeals targeting specific animal welfare concerns, either regarding a broader issue or aimed at a particular facility or addressing a specific incident. These letters are authored by animal welfare experts from within the coalition, always citing scientific evidence or legal & ethical guidelines, and always based on reports and evidence submitted by member organisations or trusted partners. The issues we address are often brought to our attention by one of our network of supporting organisations. 

Once drafted, appeal letters are first circulated to our 23 member organisations for sign-off.  Once signed, a copy of the final draft is sent to our supporting organisations who can choose to either add their support by default, or by opting in to each letter individually.  When joining, your organisation chose to either sign appeal letters by default (opting out within seven working days of notification about a new appeal letter), or to opt in to each letter individually. Please contact us if you wish to change this.  Once all signatories are confirmed, appeal letters are then sent to the target facility, authority or government department directly by the Coalition.  The coalition member who originally raised the issue always has the option of remaining anonymous, which certain political sensitivities may require.

 Letters from the Coalition are typically signed by our 23 member organisations and an average of 200 supporting organisations, and as such can have great impact.  As a supporting organisation you will be contacted, on average, about twice per month about appeal letters. Our previous letters are published on our website HERE.  

We manage the Asia for Animals Conference
The Asia for Animals Foundation was formed following the 2011 Asia for Animals conference, in order to facilitate ongoing conversations between NGOs and give them a collective voice on all welfare issues, from the smallest to the largest. The biennial conference, the largest of its kind in Asia, continues to evolve as a forum for issues to be aired and a place for relationships to be launched.  Each conference is hosted and managed by a different member organisation. You can find information about all our previous conferences HERE.  If your organisation wishes to apply to host an AfA conference, please email afacoalition@gmail.com 

We manage both public & private directories of organisations in our network

The coalition is a support network for NGOs and for members of the public.   Supporting organisations are added to and have access to a private database that provides details and information about all network organisations. This database is strictly internal and does not include access to  contact details.  You can access this private directory by registering as described below.


Supporting organisations also have the option to be listed in our public directory.  Our public directory acts as a filter to allow the public to go directly to the source organisation they wish to support. Upon joining, you indicated whether or not your organisation wishes to be included in this directory.  If you have changed your mind, please let us know and we’ll make the adjustment for you. 

Please check your listing/s in the above directories for accuracy.  If you find that corrections are necessary, please let us know. 

We manage an internal network discussion forum
All member organisations and supporting organisations have access to our private discussion forum, via our website.  This forum facilitates information sharing and discussion, and helps the coalition answer or appropriately direct queries.

In order to access this forum and the other restricted pages of our website, you must create a login. It only takes a few seconds to register.

Steps to register:

  1. visit here https://asiaforanimals.com

  2. Go to the "Log in / Sign Up" Button

  3. Complete the information and submit 

  4. We will receive an email and approve your account (please note that a team member has to do this manually for security, so we appreciate your patience)

  5. Once approved you will receive a notification, and can then go in and edit your facebook-style profile

  6. Once you are in you will be have access to the information we have stored for your org on our database; the discussion forum; the resources page; and your profile 

(Member organisations will also be able to access the members-only areas of the website via their login) 

Sharing information

We share information about animal welfare in Asia and our appeal letters on our website and on our social media channels facebook, twitter and instagram. We encourage all of you to follow our pages and more importantly share the information.


  • Please check your listings in both the private and (if required) public directories and email afacoalition@gmail.com if changes are required. It is imperative that these listings are kept up to date. See “steps to register” above. 

  • Please join in the discussion forum.  Once you’ve joined, why not introduce yourself HERE?

  • You have indicated whether you prefer to sign appeal letters by default (opting out within seven working days of notification about a new appeal letter) or to opt in to each appeal letter individually. Please contact us if you wish to change this.

  • If your organisation has an animal welfare issue in Asia that you feel the coalition could help to support please email afacoalition@gmail.com - or raise the issue under the appropriate heading in the forum. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we can support every issue and that appeal requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

  • If there are any amendments to any of the above, or if your details change, please email them to afacoalition@gmail.com

  • If we receive a bounce back from your email address, it will be deleted from our network, and if that email address is the only contact for that organisation the organisation will be removed from the network

  • Supporting organisations must sign on regularly to our appeal letters.

  • Our network is supportive, positive and helpful. We expect all network organisations to be the same.  Abuse will not be tolerated.

Please introduce us and share our work. It is a free network, and we want to increase membership. Please share this link: https://www.asiaforanimals.com/join-afa 

Thank you for being a united voice for the animals

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