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Social Media Animal Cruelty Coalition (SMACC)

Public - report a concern

SMACC Public - report a concern

Although we discourage people from watching or sharing cruelty content (see our Public Advice page), we know that it can be difficult to avoid. If you have seen social media content that contains animal cruelty, we would like to know. Please use the form below. 

The information you provide will become a valuable part of SMACC’s animal cruelty data bank. The results of our research will be largely based upon these data and will become a valuable tool for lobbying social media platforms. Please note that we do not collect any information about you nor are we able to thank you directly for information provided. But we are certainly grateful!  

Please ensure you also report animal cruelty content to the platforms it is published on. We may provide pertinent information to the animal welfare organisations within our coalition, but due to sheer volume, are unable to follow up on all individual videos or channels, and so encourage you to report any animal cruelty you witness directly to the platform.

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