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The Asia for Animals Sanctuaries and Rescue Center Coalition is a member-lead coalition meaning our members highlight their challenges and we will facilitate those with similar issues to meet and discuss these challenges.  As we start discussions with our growing network, we will identify shared challenges and create opportunities to discuss solutions, and provide support.  Through the development of sub-working groups, we will bring together people in SARCs and associated organizations on shared issues. 


Our AfA SARC Coalition coordinator can facilitate meetings, so that our members can discuss and share their work with each other. Our coordinator can then document what has been learnt and shared in these meetings, and seek out additional expertise to help our members develop solutions and strategies. We will help maintain momentum on issues and encourage the next steps- keeping an eye over the process, taking away the coordination work from already stretched organizations. 

We have already received expressions of interest to develop not only issues based subgroups, but regional subgroups to focus on shared country based challenges of SARCs. 


To join the conversions, or suggest a issue or potential subgroup email our SARCC coordinator at

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