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AfA utilizes Slack, an instant messaging app and web page originally developed for businesses to connect people together in a single shared space. Slack has transformed the way organizations communicate, and now we want to utilize it to its fullest to connect and build an online community of sanctuaries, rescue centers and those that assist them. 


The biggest opportunity that comes from being a member of AfA and the SARC Coalition is the opportunity to network, ask advice, and start conversations on your challenges and success with people and organizations just like you- instantly!


Rescued a new species you've never worked with, or found an capacity building opportunity you want to share? Just head to Slack and ask your network instantly! On Slack you can instantly ask if someone has dealt with similar issues you have, discuss topics affecting wildlife. By getting conversations out of email chain we can bring more people to the table, and get involved in conversations faster and more efficiently.  














All Member and Associate contacts of the SARC Coalition" (or "All SARCC Member and Associate contacts

All Member and Associate contacts of the SARC Coalition are automatically added to the online SARCC Slack community. To join the conversion and the SARC community on SLACK, email our SARCC coordinator about joining today at

Is email dead? 





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