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Mapping Asia's
Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers



Our initial task is to undertake a scoping exercise to get a big picture view of the existing sanctuaries and rescue centers across Asian nations, as well as understand the existing networks and associated organizations whom support sanctuaries and rescue centers. 


Through our mapping project we will be able to act as a bridge between the dedicated people working in or with sanctuaries and rescue centers (SARCs), providing a platform for them to communicate and work together on shared issues and opportunities. 


The primary aims of the mapping project is to; 


  • Identify sanctuaries, rescue centers, and associated organizations across Asia;

  • Develop and make available sound knowledge of SARCs across Asia to our members and global partners, including knowledge of existing networks, events and working groups;

  • Start conversations with these organizations to understand their challenges and how we can fill in the gaps in existing networks, or capacity building;

  • Identify sanctuaries that focus primarily on wildlife rescue and are knowledgeable about or actively involved with wildlife trade policy in-country;

  • Identify sanctuaries that maintain contacts with government authorities and law enforcement.


This database will not be publicly available, except for when network members have expressed their consent to be listed in our public directory.  Member and associate contacts will be able to communicate with each other through our online community Slack. 


If you know of a sanctuary, rescue center or work with SARCs please fill out our survey here


For more information or for expressions of interest and collaboration in our database contact our SARC Coalition Coordinator directly on