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Suspension of the development of a foie gras operation in Jiangxi province, China

An announcement on their website states:

The Directors of Creek Project Investments PLC, responding to concerns from the public about the development of an extensive Foie Gras operation in Mainland China, today announced a suspension of the present ‘Foie Gras’ operations, until the completion of a full review. The Directors have called for the review to include input from animal welfare and environmental experts to address any issues which may or may not exist. The results of the review will be published on the Company’s web site when completed, which is expected to be within the next two months.

AFA supported a campaign led by Compassion in World Farming and the Humane Society International against the development of a foie gras factory in China.

The following information is reproduced from the Compassion in World Farming website:

A British company has been exposed by Compassion in World Farming and the Humane Society International for funding the development of a huge foie gras factory farm.

Despite the fact that foie gras production has been banned in much of Europe, including the UK, it is reported that Creek Projects Investments PLC has invested millions of pounds to build what will become the largest foie gras facility in China. According to its website, 15 million geese are expected to be delivered over the next five years.

The production of foie gras involves force feeding ducks and geese enormous quantities of grain usually using a rigid metal tube forced down their throat, so that their liver becomes excessively fatty and expands to an unnatural size.

Dil Peeling, Director of Public Affairs at Compassion in World Farming said: “Foie gras production is infamous for its extreme and cruel methods. To learn that a mega-factory farm is to subject a staggering 15 million geese to such medieval practices is deeply disturbing. But the revelation that although the practice is outlawed in the UK, British money is nonetheless being used to drive this venture is an outrage.”

Foie gras production in China is expanding rapidly, mainly to satisfy growing domestic demand from the Chinese middle class for international food. China is fast becoming one of world’s largest consumers and producers of foie gras.

The multi-million pound production facility is reportedly going to be built on Poyang Lake, China’s largest freshwater lake.

Mark Jones, veterinarian and Executive Director of Humane Society International, said: “As well as funding animal cruelty on a massive scale, Creek Projects Investments is also risking polluting an important wetland habitat and creating ideal conditions that could allow the incubation and transmission of bird ‘flu and other serious infectious diseases. From an animal welfare, environmental and human health perspective, this is a disastrous project that should be halted immediately.”

HSI and Compassion have written to Creek Projects urging the company to stop funding animal cruelty and are encouraging members of the public to write to the Chinese embassy in the UK to protest the development, and the associated involvement of a British company.

The AFA Coalition has sent a letter to Su Rong, Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Lu Xinshe, Governor of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government to ask them to launch a full-scale investigation of a proposed Foie Gras production facility. Please click on the link below to see the letter.

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