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AfA urges other Indonesian provinces to follow example of dog meat ban

Small regency of Karanganyar in Java commits to dog meat ban due to hard work of DMFI. We ask the whole country to step up.

Last month, our friends at Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition met with the governor of a small regency in central Java. Following DMFI’s hard work, and their recent shocking exposé in to the cruelty and public health risks of the dog meat industry, they were pleased to hear that the governor has decided to put his constituents’ health first & commit to a ban on dog meat markets in the area.

However, his jurisdiction only covers a comparatively small area, and still leaves hundreds of thousands of dogs suffering throughout Indonesia, every day.

The example Dr. Juliyatmono has set with this commitment speaks volumes to other government officials in other parts of Indonesia. That’s why AfA has come together and authored a letter, supported by almost 200 animal welfare organisations, urging decision makers in 6 provinces to take heed of Dr. Juliyatmono’s example and follow it.

Our letter points out not only the sheer scale and depth of the cruelty involved in the dog meat trade, but also the huge public health risk due to consumption of rabies positive animals. We also point out that allowing these practices to continue contravene not only international recommendations for disease control, but also breaches Indonesia’s own national health disease prevention legislation.

READ our letter, copied to six provinces, here


You can write to your local Indonesian embassy, and also sign a petition. Our members Animals Asia have prepared a template letter for you to copy and paste, as well as embassy addresses and a PETITION which you can sign


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