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APC Policy Clinic

Policy advocacy is a cornerstone of animal protection efforts, serving as a vital catalyst for improving the welfare of animals. It encompasses a multitude of collaborative avenues for organizations to engage with one another, collaborate with governmental bodies, and work alongside intergovernmental organizations to champion the cause of animals. Yet, participating in policy advocacy is no small feat, demanding a profound grasp of current trends, tailored strategies, robust partnerships, and honed skills. Recognizing the pressing need for a platform that facilitates the exchange of expertise within this domain, we proudly introduce the Policy Clinic.

The AfA Policy Coalition (APC) endeavors to establish a common ground where seasoned advocates can share their invaluable insights and best practices. This initiative aims to empower and bolster the capabilities of organizations keen on making a difference in the field of animal welfare.

With this mission in mind, we are delighted to unveil the launch of three virtual events in the series titled 'AfA Policy Clinic - the Essentials for Your Advocacy Work in Asia' this year. Our upcoming event is scheduled for November 24, 2023. For those interested in revisiting previous webinar sessions, please scroll down to access the archived content.

Webinar introduction

Get your pressing CITES questions answered by our expert panel! Featuring decades of combined experience working with this critical treaty, our experts include:


1. Dr. Mark Jones (Head of Policy - Born Free Foundation)

2. Daniela Freyer (Co-founder - Pro Wildlife)

3. Sam Inglis (Wildlife Programme Manager - ADM Capital Foundation)

4. Iris Ho (Head of Campaigns and Policy - Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA))

5. Dr. Sevvandi Jayakody (Chair Professor - Wayamba University of Sri Lanka)

This is your chance to gain insider insights on navigating CITES processes, overcoming regional challenges, and tapping into its potential. Submit your questions below on any CITES-related issues relevant to your organization's work. We'll select the most compelling ones to discuss live during the session. Moreover, rest assured that we'll make every effort to relay your questions to our esteemed experts for personalized insights and guidance. 

Don't miss this opportunity to advance your CITES know-how and make valuable connections with fellow wildlife conservation groups! Should you have any inquiries about the event, don't hesitate to contact us at ​


Our esteemed speakers

To learn more about each speaker, click on their photo. 

Past events

Our past events

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