Our work: Wildlife

The Issue: In many parts of Asia, there are countless elephant tourist parks and camps. The sad and devastating reality is that this tourist-driven demand is fuelling a cruel and illegal trade in elephants. Once stolen from the wild, elephants are forced to endure the most profound cruelty- brutal training rituals employed to break the elephant's spirit and to install fear of humans.

The Issue: It is estimated that over one billion animals are killed every year to supply the demand for fur. Many different species are used in the fur industry, including mink, foxes, raccoon dogs, domestic dogs and cats, seals, bobcats and beavers, but it is rabbits which are killed in the greatest numbers each year.

The Issue: The marine mammal captivity industry continues to threaten wild populations and inflicts cruelty and suffering on thousands of individual animals.

The Issue: The combined aspects of performances, abusive training methods and inadequate housing conditions are causing severe animal suffering for many thousands of performing animals across Asia.

The Issue: Thousands of wild animals are kept in captivity in zoos and safari parks throughout Asia. Many are living in the most appalling of conditions, suffering hugely, both physically and psychologically.

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