TAKE ACTION End Circus Suffering in India

TAKE ACTION End Circus Suffering in India

Posted on Wednesday 20th June 2018

Categories: Wildlife

#EndCircusSuffering is a call for the liberation of all animals from the clutches of circus cruelty, by implementing a complete ban on their use and captivity.

Circuses, zoos, aquariums, dog fighting, hunting, fishing, horse racing, bullfighting, all keep animals in captivity and use them against their will for human entertainment.  A strategic area for FIAPO is to end the use of animals for sacrifice, entertainment, and work. With a narrowed focus in mind, FIAPO launched #EndCircusSuffering a national campaign to stop the suffering, of all animals in circuses.

As per the law, circuses performing with animals in India are required to be registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) under the Performing Animal Registration Rules, 2001, as well as with the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) under the Recognition of Zoo Rules, 2009, if performing with exotic animals. However, most circuses in the country, either do not possess the above paperwork or operate in blatant violation of the conditions of registration.

Thus, FIAPO works with partner organisations to end the use of animals in captivity by lobbying the Government and local authorities, raising awareness, generating public opinion and initiating direct action.

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