International Live Animal Transport Awareness Day - 14th June

International Live Animal Transport Awareness Day - 14th June

Posted on Wednesday 12th June 2019

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Opinion piece; International Live Animal Transport Awareness Day

Each year, millions of live farm animals around the world are transported thousands of miles for slaughter, or to places where they will be fattened prior to being slaughtered.

In many parts of the world, these animals are forced to endure journeys across vast distances of 1000km or more by road and long sea voyages to reach their destination which all too often will be their last.

Animals are often handled badly leading to injuries during the catching and crating before transport. During transit they may be crammed into crates and pens with little to no regard to their individual needs. Overcrowded conditions lead to animals being badly injured or trampled to death, and many animals die of exhaustion and dehydration after suffering extremes of temperature and often without enough food, water or rest. Animals’ immune systems are often reduced as a result of the hardship of long-distance transport, resulting in diseases being caught more easily. 

Animals may spend many days in these conditions resulting in millions dying from untreated disease, injury, heat stress and pneumonia. 

For those that survive, they may end up in countries that have with little to no laws to protect them from suffering. These animals often endure further misery at the hands of people that are not trained in how to meet the complex needs of animals that have spent many days and in some cases weeks in transit and are already suffering both physically and emotionally.

They may be subsequently held in feedlots for further fattening, or sold on to individuals or merchants, and in many cases are slaughtered by having their throats cut without prior stunning. 

All of this is completely unnecessary and can be replaced by the transportation of animal carcasses after animals have been raised, fattened and slaughtered without the need to endure long distance travel. 

Animals unwillingly give their own lives to meet our demand for meat products, and we abuse this at every stage of their lives. Whilst the demand for animal products remains so high across the world, the very least we can do is to provide each and every individual with the dignity or not having to endure further physical and emotional suffering on trucks and ships designed solely to get as many ‘bodies’ from farms to slaughterhouses as cheaply as possible.

It is time for us all to take responsibility for the lives of every animal being raised and slaughtered for our plates. At the very least, on International Live Animal Transport Awareness Day, join the demand to end the live transport of animals to be replaced by a trade in animal carcases, and consider reducing or eliminating your meat and dairy consumption to help to end the need for this appalling industry once and for all.


This video, which details how MILLIONS of unweaned male veal calves are routinely shipped great distances across Europe EVERY YEAR, is one of the most distressing things we have seen. Ultimately, this is the result of the milk industry. Please consider going vegan.


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