DANANG DOLPHIN PETITION: say no to captive dolphins in Danang, Vietnam

DANANG DOLPHIN PETITION: say no to captive dolphins in Danang, Vietnam

Posted on Friday 20th November 2015

Categories: Wildlife

The Asia For Animals Coalition members are shocked that Danang city leaders are considering proposals from a Russian developer to build a dolphin theme park.

City leaders have been told that tourists want to see dolphins. We have to persuade them that the only place we ever want to see dolphins is in the ocean.

We believe allowing this kind of cruelty into Danang- a city with a reputation as being modern and forward-thinking- would severely damage their reputation and future growth. This is a city that has - in the past - turned down investment for environmental reasons. We must make sure they do again.

In the statement opposing the marine park, Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale said:

“There’s an ever-increasing body of research that shows capturing dolphins from the wild is cruel and causes a significant amount of suffering. Keeping dolphins and other cetaceans in captivity is harmful to them and increasingly it’s something that people don’t want to be a part of."

“It would be foolish to overlook the potential long-term economic effects of accepting the plans for a dolphin park. It could easily jeopardise future investment in Danang by investors who might see this as tarnishing Danang’s reputation as a progressive city. In addition – in one stroke – any hopes for developing eco-tourism would be gone.”

We've already made our views clear to the local authorities and are appealing to them to reject the plans. The campaign is already making waves in Vietnam - bringing animal welfare issues to the front pages of the local media.

With your help we can ensure these dolphins stay in the sea where they belong.

We must keep up the pressure!

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