AfA opposes horrific live pig burial in China

AfA opposes horrific live pig burial in China

Posted on Tuesday 26th March 2019

Categories: Farm Animals

Asia for Animals have written to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture to express our deep concern about the live burial of thousands of pigs to control Swine Fever outbreaks.

In recent months it has been exposed that in parts of China, outbreaks of African Swine Fever are being combatted with the mass culling of pigs. Sadly, this practice is not uncommon with regard to livestock disease control, but in these shocking cases, some farmers have been found using live mass burial as their means of slaughter.

Earlier this month, our coalition and its members came together to author a letter addressed directly to the Chief Veterinary Officer of China urging him to take action to end this horrible cruelty.

This shocking video, shared by Twitter user Bernhard Janßen, which shows footage of such a burial being prepared, is almost beyond belief.

The issue has been widely covered from various angles by the South China Morning Post, among other sources.

Our letter highlights the "severe pain and stress" which these pigs will experience prior to death, and points out to the Chief Veterinary officer that this practice is "in clear
breach of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Terrestrial Animal Health Code Guidelines on the Killing of Animals for Disease Control Purposes". You can read the letter that Asia for Animals Coalition sent HERE

(Image Credits: Reuters and Lassaig)

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