Orangutan Awareness Week (12th-18th November)

Tuesday 13th November 2018

In support of Orangutan Awareness Week (12th-18th November) we bring you Animals Asia's edition of their series Amazing Animals, all about the beautiful Orangutan and why we must protect them. Please read and share this information.

NEWS Asia for Animals coalition opposes awful conditions at Cu Chi Water Park, Vietnam

Tuesday 6th November 2018

The Asia for Animals coalition has raised its concerns regarding the terrible living conditions for the animals at Ho Chi Minh city's Cu Chi Water Park in Vietnam.

NEWS VShine Animal Protection Association joins the Asia for Animals Coalition

Thursday 18th October 2018

The Asia for Animals Coalition is delighted to welcome China's VShine Animal Protection Association into the coalition.

EVENT Asia for Animals 11th conference in 2019 is announced!

Thursday 18th October 2018

The coalition is delighted to announce that its 11th conference will be hosted in 2019 in Dalian, China by VShine Animal Protection Association

NEWS Asia for Animals Coalition appeals against the export of three elephant calves to Russia

Thursday 20th September 2018

The Asia for Animals Coalition has sent an appeal letter to oppose the export of three elephant calves from Myanmar to Russia to join the circus.

NEWS Asia for Animals Coalition supports an end to animal performances in Indonesia

Tuesday 18th September 2018

The Asia for Animals Coalition has sent a letter of encouragement to the Indonesia government to put an end to cruel animal performances in it's circuses.

NEWS Big Cat Rescue joins the Asia for Animals Coalition

Thursday 13th September 2018

The Asia for Animals Coalition is delighted to welcome Big Cat Rescue into the coalition.

EVENT Bear care workshop in India

Thursday 6th September 2018

The Bear Care Group and Wildlife SOS India are organizing Advancing Bear Care 2018. The workshop will be held in Delhi, India from December 3 – 5, 2018 with a field visit to the Agra Bear Rescue Facility on the 6th of December.

TAKE ACTION Help us end animal exploitation at Jakarta's Seaworld

Tuesday 14th August 2018

The Asia for Animals Coalition is appealing against the cruelty at Jakarta's Seaworld Ancol facility. Help us take action by adding your voice to the campaign!

NEWS Read Animal's Asia's in depth report on Vietnam's cruel circuses

Tuesday 31st July 2018

The media storm surrounding Vietnam's barbaric animal circuses continues with support from well-known channels.

TAKE ACTION Improve dreadful condition of animals at Lok Kawi zoo Malaysia

Thursday 28th June 2018

Urge the minister to ask the zoo to take action and stop its animals breeding and cease importing animals so that resources can be used to improve the welfare and provide daily enrichment for all animals at the zoo.

MAKE A CHANGE avoid Palm Oil and save Orangutans

Tuesday 26th June 2018

The Real Cost of Palm Oil... Asia for Animals Coalition members, International Animal Rescue (IAR) recently shared devastating footage of an orangutan desperately trying to save himself and the last piece of his habitat from destruction in a video that has since gone viral. Please make a change and avoid using Palm Oil and help end this suffering.

GET INVOLVED India for Animals Conference 2018

Thursday 21st June 2018

India For Animals (IFA) is a national conference organised by Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) to bring together organisations and activists working for the protection of animal rights.

TAKE ACTION End Circus Suffering in India

Wednesday 20th June 2018

#EndCircusSuffering is a call for the liberation of all animals from the clutches of circus cruelty, by implementing a complete ban on their use and captivity.

TAKE ACTION Ban Vietnam's barbaric animal circuses

Wednesday 20th June 2018

In response to Animals Asia’s call for a ban and allegations of illegality and widespread abuse, circus bosses say they plan switch to domestic animals. Sign the petition to ban these cruel circuses altogether!

DANANG DOLPHIN PETITION: say no to captive dolphins in Danang, Vietnam

Friday 20th November 2015

The Asia For Animals Coalition members are shocked that Danang city leaders are considering proposals from a Russian developer to build a dolphin theme park.

Say No to Animal Performance Cruelty

Friday 13th March 2015


The Illegal Trade in Elephants to Supply Nepal’s “Safaris”

Tuesday 11th November 2014

In Sauraha (Chitwan National Park) alone, 60 captive elephants are employed in the safari industry, the vast majority of which were imported from India.

Taiji Dolphin Hunt

Tuesday 28th January 2014

Each year from September to May, an estimated 2,000 dolphins are brutally slaughtered in the "dolphin drive hunt" in Taiji, Japan.