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This year's event will take place at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) 

Address: Demak-Isthmus Bridge, Jalan Keruing, Sejingkat, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

BCCK, Kuching.jpeg

The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching is the first international purpose-built convention center in Sarawak, Malaysia. It  is strategically located equidistant from the two main hubs of Kuching City,  Kuching North & Kuching South.

As the first purpose-built convention center in Sarawak, its award-winning architecture was crafted with Sarawak’s lush rainforests in mind. Its main inspiration was found in the native ‘ririk’ leaf, showcasing Sarawak’s unique fusion of nature and modernity. 

BCCK is designed with accessibility in mind, with elevator access to all floors, wide-open spaces, ramps for easy access for wheelchair users and other mobility devices as well as handicap stalls. The first aid room located on Level 2 is fully equipped and ready for use at all times. The Centre’s personnel are trained in first aid and fire safety response. Visit BCCK’s official website for more information.

Official Hotel: The Waterfront Hotel

Waterfront Hotel, Kuching.JPG

Delegates of AfA Sarawak Conference 2023 get to enjoy special rates at the Conference's official hotel, The Waterfront Hotel. Perched on top of Plaza Merdeka Shopping Center, The Waterfront Hotel is located in the heart of Kuching City, where decades-old heritage buildings sit side by side with modern buildings. 

With one of the best views of the Padang Merdeka and the Sarawak River, the hotel is not only a place to rest, but a start of your adventures in Kuching City.

To book your room, kindly follow the following steps:
1. Download the booking form
2. Fill in the form

3. Email the filled form to

4. The hotel will get back to you within 2-3 days regarding your booking status

Procedures for Entering Sarawak, Malaysia for Covid-19

From 1st August 2022, all travelers are allowed to enter Malaysia regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status and do not require a pre-departure or on-arrival COVID-19 test. There are no quarantine orders related to COVID-19 enforced by the Malaysian Government upon arrival.

Travelers can download and activate the MySejahtera application before or after arrival to Malaysia to indicate their COVID-19 risk status while staying in Malaysia. The COVID-19 risk status in MySejahtera may be checked upon entering premises.

Travelers who develop COVID-19 symptoms while in Malaysia should get tested and if found to be positive, are subject to the current protocol for positive COVID-19 cases as below. 

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 must undergo isolation via a Home Surveillance Order (HSO) for seven (7) days. Individuals can be released from isolation on the 4th, 5th or 6th day when they are asymptomatic and the result of an RTK Ag test supervised by a registered medical practitioner is negative. Discharge on the 7th day does not require any COVID-19 detection test.

Please continue to practice COVID-19 preventive measures while in Malaysia.

Travel Guides - Sarawak Highlights

Bako National Park

With its rainforest, abundant wildlife, jungle streams, waterfalls, unique flora and fauna, secluded beaches, and trekking trails, Bako National Park offers visitors an excellent introduction to the rainforest of Borneo. While Bako may not have an instantly recognizable star attraction, it is undeniable that there are very few places in the world that pack so much natural beauty into such a limited area, all just 37 km away from Kuching. Its accessibility and sheer range of attractions and activities have made Bako one of the most popular parks in Sarawak. 

Bako National Park, Kuching

Bako National Park 1.jpg

Mon - Fri : 8.00am - 5:00pm

Borneo Cultures Museum
Borneo Cultures Museum website scroller-01.jpg

Spanding over 6,726 square metres of exhibition space, Borneo Cultures Museum is the second largest museum in South East Asia. It first opened its doors to the public on 9th March 2022. Visitors are encouraged to pre-book their visits. Entry is limited to 500 pax in the building at a time. Online bookings can be made for morning and afternoon visits, from 1st March 2022 onwards.

Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak

Mon - Fri : 9.00am - 4.45pm
Sat - Sun : 9.30am - 4.30am

Brooke Gallery

The Brooke Gallery tells the story of one of the most remarkable kingdoms in history: Sarawak and its ‘White Rajahs’. ​In the 1830s Sarawak, a province of the once-mighty Sultanate of Brunei in north-west Borneo, was ravaged by piratical raiding and rebellion against Brunei rule. Inspired by stories of its natural wonders and diverse indigenous cultures, a bold English adventurer, James Brooke, arrived on its shores in his yacht, Royalist, in August 1839. He was to forge a unique bond with its peoples and together they built the foundations of today’s Sarawak.

Fort Margherita, Petra Jaya, 93050, Kuching, Sarawak


Mon - Fri : 9.00am - 4.45pm

Choon Hui Cafe
Choon Hui Cafe.jpeg

A popular place for having local breakfast amongst the locals and tourists. Famous with Sarawak Laksa which are priced at RM6 for a small bowl, RM8 for a big bowl and RM10 for the special.

34, Ban Hock Road, 93100 Kuching Sarawak

Mon – Sun: 7.00 am – 11.00 am

Satok Sunday Market

The market stalls offer a huge variety of local produce from snacks, local delicacies, fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, fresh fish, eggs, plants, pets, jungle produce to clothing, accessories, newspapers, toys, fashion items, local craft items and souvenirs.

Taman Foong Joon, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Mon – Sun: 10.00 am – 11.00 am

MEdan Niaga Satok.jpg
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