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Helping elephants in Asia

There are ways that everyone can help end the suffering of elephants in Asia.

Support organisations helping elephants

There are organisations who are working every day to help end elephant suffering in Asia. The most effective way you can support this work is to make a donation and share the information on the plight of elephants.  Please explore our section on Ethical Elephant models to see which animal welfare charities are working on elephant welfare.

Visit ethical elephant models

To see elephants the way they should be seen, visit only models which are operating under an ethical model

Raise awareness

Many people do not realise that by paying to take part in elephant tourism models where there are hands on contact with these wild animals or where they can ride, bath or have a photo taken with elephants ultimately means there is animal abuse behind the scenes,

Contact the tourism operators

Tourist organisations such as TripAdvisor publicly state that they do not support animal abuse of any kind, however, they advertise tourist attractions where animal abuse takes place such as elephant riding camps.

Please explore other areas of our site:

Please use this map or the table below to explore the ethical elephant models across Asia.

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