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Fund a macaque project

The Asia for Animals Coaltion is not a funding or a fundraising organisation, but we are associated with hundreds of organistions and projects, large and small, who need funding in order to carry out their important work. This page will regularly feature such projects and organisations, detailing their specific needs and how you can get in touch with them to help. 

Featured project, winter/spring 2021:

Jakarta Animal Aid Network: rescue, rehabiliation and release of former Topeng Monyet (Dancing Monkeys), Indonesia

Species concerned: Long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis)

This project aims to halt the cruel trade in dancing monkeys, locally called ‘Topeng Monyet’ on a national level, and to secure the rescue, relocation, rehabilitation and release of the monkeys involved. These macaques are dressed in children’s clothing and forced to perform and beg for money in the streets of Java. Their training involves cruel practices such as beating and hanging by their necks to stand on their tip toes. To prevent bites, their teeth are brutally cut furthering pain and suffering of these animals. Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) has campaigned endlessly since 2009 to stop this cruel trade.

A successful ban on dancing monkeys in Jakarta (2014) was followed with a ban in West Java, East java, Central Java and finally on national level (2019). Even though this looks good on paper, enforcement is poor, and so there is little meaning to the ban. JAAN’s presence is needed to push for confiscations of the remaining Topeng Monyet.

This project will rescue and rehabilitate these monkeys on a national level. Thus far, we have had to set up temporary holding facilities both in both East and West Java. It takes focus and time to socialise the ban in all areas in Java especially where topeng monyet has its roots. The three main villages where topeng monyet is rooted in society need our team’s steady attention. The government won’t take action without our attendance.

The long-term goal of this project is that the rescued macaques are returned back to the wild. For this we have specialised facilities, including a quarantine area, socialisation facilities and enclosures for newly socialised groups. The rehabilitation center for dancing monkeys is located in West Java, Lembang area.

We now care for 72 rescued macaques, but are nearing present capacity.  Since 2014 we have released and rehabilitated over 350 individuals – former topeng monyet, as well as ex-pets and macaques used in social media cruelty videos.

With $4000 USD we can fund one release operation of 40 individuals, which includes surveys, pre-release survey and post release survey and monitoring work, boats, transportation and logistics. With $2500 USD we can built a new socialisation cage. $40,000 could cover a year of team costs and food for the monkeys. Medical care costs an estimated $10,000 yearly.

If you are interested in funding any aspect of this project, please contact us at afacoaltion@gmail.com and we will put you in touch with JAAN's team. 



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