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The majority of farmed animals & fish on planet Earth are raised in Asia.  Every single one of these countless billions of animals is a living, sentient individual with needs, but the vast majority of them do not have these needs met, and suffer because of it. 

Every 10th of October we will unite the people & NGOs of Asia to make visible the importance and urgency of this issue. There will be activities in the lead up to the 10th as well public sessions on the day itself!


Because of the interlinkages with other global issues that affect people & planet, the way we currently treat farmed animals simply cannot go on.

Explore below to see how you can get involved to help the animals across Asia who need your action now.



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Information about AFAD 2023 is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Public sessions
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Information about AFAD 2023 is coming soon! Stay tuned!

NGO sessions
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Asia for Animals Coalition has many well established NGOs in our membership and network. In this series of learning sessions, we aim to share detailed expertise, resources and knowledge which can help your organisation be even more effective in your work for farmed animals.

Please note that some of the sessions are only intended for an NGO audience. Are an NGO who would like to become part of our free network? Find out more about how to join HERE

Every year, these workshops will take place in the week leading up to Asia Farm Animal Day with sessions brought to you by the Steering Committee. 

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Information about AFAD 2023 is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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Demonstrate that you care by cutting cruelty from your diet and EAT PLANT BASED for a whole week...maybe you'll love it so much you'll continue your journey to a plant based diet. 

Click on the links in the image for recipe sites in various languages!

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Let your friends & family know that you care about the plight of farmed animals across Asia & SHARE our posts.

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Never underestimate the impact you can have when armed with the correct knowledge. Visit our farm animals page to read more about the issues they face from intensive factory farms housing thousands of animals to their uses in food, clothing and by-products.

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Information about AFAD 2023 is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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Our Code

Asia Farm Animal Day is a celebration of the diverse range of stakeholders & actors across the world who strive to be the voice for farmed animals in Asia. We welcome open discussion to advance this important cause. But in this spirit of compassion to all beings, the co-organisers of this event will not accept any form of language or behaviour which is hateful, harmful, abusive or intended to cause disharmony.