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Image by Paz Arando



Our movement for farmed animals in Asia is stronger if we unite. There are a growing number of partnerships who are looking to expand their membership in Asia. AfA is often approached by such alliances to send out a call for new member organisations.

What's more, by becoming a member of such a partnership, you may benefit by getting access to their resources which may take the form of grants, training and working groups which are particular to that area. If you have a particular area of focus but not sure which partnerships to join, you can access one-to-one support from our coordinator to discuss this in more detail, please email

If your group is not yet part of the AfA network, you can access all of the support described on this page, as well as our private discussion forum where you can connect with other NGOs. You will also be able to support our united appeals to governments and officials on a wide range of animal welfare issues. To find out more and join please CLICK HERE.

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